National Gold Star Family Registry

The National Gold Star Family Registry is the first comprehensive database of the United States’ fallen Heroes and their families ever developed. Whether they gave their life in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea, WWII, or another conflict, the Registry is a place to ensure their memory will live on. The Registry affords family members the opportunity to publicly remember their Hero, giving future generations a sense of who these brave Americans were—not only how they died, but, more importantly, how they lived.


The First of Its KindNational Gold Star Family Registry

For the first time in our nation's history, Military Families United has assembled one place, the names and information of the more than 500,000 Americans who died in battle since WWII. Gathered from government sources, organizations, and the National Archives, the names had never before been made available together in one location displaying the full measure of the sacrifice that has kept us free.

For Every Name, There Is a Story

This unique virtual memorial not only lists names, but also allows family and friends an opportunity to share photos, stories, and memories of their fallen Hero as part of a tribute page in a safe, moderated environment. This allows Americans to learn about the fallen from the people who knew them best. They can learn not just of the war in which these Heroes fought, but of the reasons they joined the fight. They can learn not just of their heroic final acts, but of the lifetime that shaped the Hero they became.

Innovative, Accessible, and Educational

The Registry serves as a 21st Century monument, utilizing the latest in internet technology to memorialize those same men and women in a whole new way. It is accessible to everyone, everywhere. Users can perform dynamic searches by name, hometown, date, military branch, or conflict to easily locate their fallen family member, friend, or fellow war-fighter. In the future, the Registry will serve as an educational resource for teachers, community leaders, lawmakers, and the general public as we work to make certain future generations never forget the sacrifices of those who gave all to protect our great nation. View the National Gold Star Family Registry at



Press Contact

For all media inquiries, including scheduling an interview with a Gold Star or Blue Star family, conatct us. P.O. Box 20426, New York, NY 10021 646.450.3233 phone